Meditation Series - Multiple Styles of Meditation

Meditation Series - Multiple Styles of Meditation

In this meditation series, we will explore several styles of meditation. All are presented as short meditations to help build a foundational understanding of meditation and cultivate a consistent practice. Included for free is a bonus mantra meditation as well as a one-on-one Zoom mediation with Ekagra Yoga Founder, Traci Alwis. 


Please contact me at for payment and email delivery details. Suggested donation is $15.


Summary of what this series includes: 

1.) Introduction to Meditation

2.) Short Yet Impactful Vipassana Meditation 

3.) Metta/Lovingkindess Meditation

4.) Mindful Walking + Seated Meditation 

5.) BONUS MEDITATION: Medicine Buddha Mantra

6.) Promo code: FREE private Zoom meditation or yoga session

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