Class Descriptions

I invite you to find your flow

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Ekagra Signature Flow

Our signature flow

My Ekagra Flow class puts an emphasis on linking breath to movement and helps turn our focus inward. Elements of breathwork (pranayama) and meditation are interwoven throughout the class to create an experience that is fulfilling to both the body and the mind.

Ekagra Slow Flow

Slow down. Tune in.

This gentle class is perfect for stretching and relaxing after a long day. The focus is on restoring our bodies and soothing our minds.


Ekagra Chair Yoga

Creative adaptations of traditional yoga poses (asana) with support from a chair. 

Chair yoga is for all yogis, regardless of age or current physical ability! This class focuses on gentle stretching and strengthening, utilizing the stability of a chair.


Find your [comfortable] edge.

This class alternates between invigorating flows and longer holds. Kindle your tapa (Pali for purifying heat of yogic/meditative practice) in this energetic offering.


Ekagra Lanka Flow

Connecting the Eastern & Western hemispheres.

This class has been lovingly created with our students in Sri Lanka in mind due to the vast difference in time zones between Sri Lanka and NYC. Instruction will be given in a combination of Sinhalese/Sanskrit/English. For clarity, times for this class will be listed with both Eastern Standard Time as well as Colombo time (GMT +5:30 hours). No matter where in the world you are, all are welcome!